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How many gay Tv shows and movies exist because I seem not to find any on rapidshare except porn?
I was looking for just movies or Tv series, not adult content. I was looking for something like Noah's Ark the gay movie. I have a rapidshare premium account but I cannot find any gay stuff on rapidshare. Help me find some if it exists please
shelter is one of the best gay movies i have ever seen. also you can watch the logo channel. noahs arc is like the african american version of queer as folk(you can watch that also). the logo channel shows all the best gay movies. if you live in nyc you should have here on demand where they have gay movies also and gay shows theres also shows like will and grace,ru pauls drag race on the logo channel and many many many more movies and shows.

latter days
broke back mountain
noahs arc jumping the broom
i know pronounce you chuck and larry lol
ethan mao
slutty summer
another gay movie

and hundreds more. look them up online.
Which are the best Gay Tv series or shows known and is it possible to get them on rapidshare?
I hate rapidshare because you never get a full season when it comes to series. They are all in episodes and some episodes missing, it is chaotic. Which are some of the best gay tv series or shows?
the showtime original series "queer as folk" is a great show with good acting...

it loses a lot in editing for other network airing... get the original series on dvd...
Which website can I pay to watch gay themed movies, gay tv series and gay documentaries?
I know I could get them for free but I would like to know of websites that charge to stream or download gay movies. A website with gay themed movies, gay tv shows, gay series, documentaries etc.
I never thought about this, but in youtube there are a lot of gay documentaries about us :D
Where can you find lesbian or gay TV channels or shows in the UK?
I can't seem to find any lesbian or Gay channels on the Internet in the UK. Apart from the Lword and queer as folk there isn't much on the tv either. Can anyone help? I must be missing something.
Sue x
All we've got are dating and soft-core porn on Sky TV
What are some good gay tv series and movies?
don't like queer as folk. more manly gay tv series or movies?
On you tube, you can find previous episodes of an American Soap called "As The World Turns" (abbreviated as ATWT) which I quite enjoy. Look for the video's by LukeVanFan and make sure you start from part 1. It may seem boring at the start, but it becomes very good.

Beautiful Thing is apparently a very good movie.
Also: A touch of Pink (it's ok)
In and Out (I quite enjoyed it)
Two of Us (there are 6 parts on youtube, but it's not great)
Poster Boy (was also ok)
The mostly unfabulous social life of Ethan Green (haven't seen the movies from here onwards)
Shelter (apparently very good)
Brokeback mountain
Drift (looks quite good)
Sugar (also looks good)
Red Dirt
Broken hearts club
Broken Sky (looks good)
Conrad boys
Get Real.

Those are all I can think of right now. Enjoy! :)
Whats a good gay tv series that I might be able to find online?
I would like to find a gay tv series can be for teens or adults but I would like to be able to also find it online :/
Queer as Folk, but there are a lot of adult situations. Also, you can watch edited episodes of QAF on the Logo channel.

The L-Word--it's about lesbians and has many adult situations as well and can be seen edited on Logo.

Will and Grace is funny, it helped put gay people in the mainstream more.

My So-Called Life had a gay character in it--Ricky--and ABC cancelled it because they said the show was "too real." Great show! But it's not just about being gay--again, only one character is.

The Book of Daniel--had a gay character in it, and that's one of the reasons people demanded it go off the air. It didn't even last an entire season but the episodes are available on DVD.

Brothers and Sisters is on TV and has a few gay characters in it. Good show, but it's not all gay.

Hope those examples help...
I just paid for a rapidshare premium account and I cannot seem to get gay movies and Tv shows, help find them?
I do not know how I should go about finding gay movies on rapidshare. I already paid for a premium account and I want to get as many gay tv shows and movies as I can. Help me get them from rapidshare please
did you put it in the search engine they have on their site
What are some good Gay Themed TV Shows like Queer as Folk?
Are there any TV shows like this with gay guys in them?
Not really. It's sad. That was such a good show. I'm really surprised no one has tried to make a similar show seeing as how popular QAF was. No one has the guts, I guess.
Do you think a gay TV show called Desperate Hairdressers stands a chance of going mainstream?
It would be about a salon and the goings on and love lives of the staff and maybe a few patrons.
How about Desperate Desperado's about cowboys on the run that cheat on there horses
Where can i watch gay tv shows?
Where can i watch gay tv shows online for free in HQ.
Have you tried

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